Explore your INFINITE and creative potential

Every moment offers you a new blank canvas 

Receive this present, made with all our love:
The "Step by Step Guide to LUCID DREAMS". 

  • Connect with your essence. Free, sovereign, magical.
  • Discover... Transform your perspective of reality.
  • Open up yourself to unlimited sources of creativity.

Welcome to CosmicUterus.com

A magical portal to open up beautiful doors, for your inspiration and creation to emerge and blossom.  

Amazing tools and resources to connect with your essence and to open up to all the possibilities that life offers you at every present moment.

From a loving perspective, which guides you to a transformation and to your inner revolution.

Where the mastery of living resides in a personal balance that has nothing to do with external things. A balance in which life offers you... sometimes light and sometimes shadows.

Just like in a lucid dream, life offers you infinite opportunities to create with the resources that you have NOW.

It does not matter if your only resource at the moment is darkness. Think that, as it happens in a painting, if there is no shadow, it is impossible to see the light.

The possibilities of recreating your life from your current scenario are endless.

You can always take your brush and light up your painting.

That is why it is fundamental that you know what you are painting, that you get to know yourself. In a way that you can look inwards and thus be able to dance with life. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you go with the flow.

But if you tend to want to control everything, you only create resistance and you are no longer in tune with life. So while you dance you do not enjoy the journey and also, if the rhythm changes you are not able to adapt.

Likewise, if you are floating like a leaf in the wind with no roots it becomes very hard to materialise.

Then, as in a dance, here we offer you loving resources so that you can allow yourself to give and receive, in an integral way.

To let go and create. To dream and materialise.

Listening to yourself, you will find your internal balance.

If you listen to your inner song, you can sing it, colour it and dance to it.

That is why we work from the integration and the embrace of the Feminine and the Masculine, different for each person.

We understand the Feminine Energy as that part of you that opens up to receive life, that allows things to happen. That nurtures you. That is flexible, that lets go. That dreams, connects, creates and transforms.

And for us a healthy Masculine Energy represents that part of you that takes care of you, that gives and protects while bringing order and clarity.

A part that seeks and finds. That part that makes strategies that lead you in your path, like a lighthouse.

Finding your inner coherence you are able to dream and materialise the most precious life that you can give yourself.

  • A reencounter with the magical being that lives in you
  • Unveil your conditionings and ideas that have limited you 
  • Create your life in accordance with your essence, with your freedom

...Meet the CosmicUterus Team...


I have a degree in Visual Arts and also in Pedagogy. Currently learning about Systemic Constructivist Coaching.
I have been studying the ancestral medicines of the Amazon for 4 years, the occult science of nature.
I am also the creator of the Spiral Oracle, a beautiful tool to connect with life.
I have been traveling the world for 8 years, collecting experiences and knowledge to inspire and accompany other people to live fully and to reconnect with their most healthy and authentic free essence.

PS: I love to explore myself through my dreams, healthy vegan food and constantly materialize new creations.


I am a teacher of Spanish as a second language and a apprentice Carpenter.
Physics and astronomy aficionado. Following the Traditional Amazonian Medicine path.
Traveler and tireless reader. Curious by nature.
Dedicated to service, seeking to heal and recover the Sacred Masculine, in balance and harmony with the feminine energy.
Convinced that it is possible to create a more responsible and peaceful world from within.


The Spiral Oracle is a collection of my art and my reflections.

I created it with all my love.  

It works like an inner mirror, integrating each card with the subtle information that resides inside of each person.