A beautiful tool to connect with life... To listen to the messages that come from within.

The Spiral Oracle is a collection that I created with all my love.

It contains 56 cards with paintings and illustrations from my last years of work as a visual artist. The cards are printed in high quality, full color and are large to appreciate the details, shapes and colours (3.5 x 5.75 inches).

It also includes a booklet that contains the learnings and reflections of each painting process. The booklet (Hot Melt Binding) with the Card Messages has 84 pages full of love. 

The Spiral Oracle is very intimate to me, is full of profound learnings and it's an honour for me to share all these processes and reflections with you.

This Oracle works in a very simple way, in its core it is always guided by the present moment and your inner vision. 

It also works upon the idea of synchronicity and integration. That is, what is to come, shall come. 

If you want to find deeper information about how to do a reading with the Spiral Oracle Deck you can click here :).

The Spiral Oracle is a loving guide that can help you to listen to yourself better in order that you can create an honest and caring dialogue with your inner self.

It works like a mirror, every card is like a window to your inner world. You can find images that speaks to you in a deeper language, a visual language that manifests as an inner mirror, like a map that shows you your inner, beautiful and rich living world. 

You can access to the symbolic world, the spiritual world... and the Oracle becomes an instrument, a key to access your own sacred world.

It's a tool to open beautiful doors to your soul, your mystery, your mind and also to your spirit.

I named it the “Spiral Oracle”, honouring the upward spiral of life. It's because in the Spiral 'idea' I can really see the piece of a larger picture, reminding me of the cycles and the only constant of life: change.

My intention with the Spiral Oracle is that you embrace the mystery of looking through a little window infinitely inward, infinitely outward in this expansive spiral of life.

May it become a useful tool to help you in your path.


Glamour Zombie Magazine (USA)

Review by Ana Nicás 


The Spiral Oracle deck is stunning, and amazingly easy to connect with. It reminds me of the saying “feet in the ground, head in the clouds”, as it actively works on connecting those ends and creating an upward movement. This translates into a desire of reaching further and working harder, while focusing the energy on what is really important instead of letting it diffuse away. It is a great tool to work on meaningful relationships with yourself and the world around you. 

(You can find the complete review here).


Gabriela Benavides (Chile)



My sensations with the Oracle have been very special, because it has led me to understand every situation, every experience within a framework of acceptance and unique clarity. Also, there being so many cards, it has meant for me a journey that has no completion goal but just the joy of filling my Oracle with life.

For me, the Oracle has meant as well a very therapeutic experience, because it helps me see what is there, inside, that I couldn’t perceive before due to different circumstances, understanding that everything resides within me since before being born.

It’s a loving, hopeful Oracle that connects with my spirituality and helps me see the world from those three perspectives. A journey I still feel I’m on.

And not only I use it by myself, I also share it in gatherings with other people. In those spaces, I nourish and learn from their experience.


Scott Dunbar (Australia)



What a fantastic way to experience an alternative vision and guidance about your position in the Universe and your possibilities.

I love the "Spiral Oracle" and I love sharing it with my guests, my friends and family, either individually or in a meeting of any size!!!

It is perfect for when you start a new chapter in life or to form new connections.

I like to ask something, then take a card, share what I see with as much depth and detail I feel. Then read the message and reflect.

On many occasions I have had the pleasure of witnessing tears of joy, surprise and sadness, which help to cause a strong connection in relation to the sense of belonging with life and with those around me.


Daniel Contreras (England)

Soccer Coach


The Spiral Oracle became for me a tool to find clarity since I used this beautiful work of art for the first time. It allows me to connect with the Universe and the energies that, despite being right there, I couldn’t see due to the many distractions I am exposed to each day.

The oracle clears distractions away and helps me to clarify what is important in my life in each present moment, first through a strong visual connection and then complemented with a written message, full of love and compassion.

The oracle is my secret weapon in times of doubt or insecurity, or when having to take important decisions in my life. However, I have found even greater joy when I share it with other people and they also get to clear their distractions, focus on the present and take decisions based in feelings like compassion, harmony and love.

Thank you Lili for creating the Spiral Oracle and sharing it with humanity.