"The cards are absolutely stunning and so much more beautiful in person. Lili's huge heart shines through the divine images and I felt the beautiful energy as soon as I opened the box! Thank you so much, this is by far, my favorite oracle deck!"  

The new edition of the Spiral Oracle is ready!

We are in the midst of the printing process but if you'd like to reserve one deck you can now do it ↓

(Estimated shipping date: December 2020)


"The Spiral Oracle deck is stunning, and amazingly easy to connect with. It reminds me of the saying “feet in the ground, head in the clouds”, as it actively works on connecting those ends and creating an upward movement. This translates into a desire of reaching further and working harder, while focusing the energy on what is really important instead of letting it diffuse away.

It is a great tool to work on meaningful relationships with yourself and the world around you. "


Blogger Glamour Zombie Magazine/ USA

"For me, the Spiral Oracle has meant as well a very therapeutic experience, because it helps me see what is there, inside, that I couldn’t perceive before due to different circumstances, understanding that everything resides within me since before being born.

It’s a loving, hopeful Oracle that connects with my spirituality and helps me see the world from those three perspectives. A journey I still feel I’m on.

And not only I use it by myself, I also share it in gatherings with other people. In those spaces, I nourish and learn from their experience."


Clinic Psychologist/ Chile

"Love this deck. I find the cards to be very unique which is exactly why I was drawn to them in the first place. Lili's profound art carries endless meaningful messages and stimulates my intuition. Thank you / Kiitos! <3 "


Etsy shop/ Finland

"The Spiral Oracle became for me a tool to find clarity since I used this beautiful work of art for the first time. It allows me to connect with the Universe and the energies that, despite being right there, I couldn’t see due to the many distractions I am exposed to each day.

The oracle clears distractions away and helps me to clarify what is important in my life in each present moment, first through a strong visual connection and then complemented with a written message, full of love and compassion.

The oracle is my secret weapon in times of doubt or insecurity, or when having to take important decisions in my life.

However, I have found even greater joy when I share it with other people and they also get to clear their distractions, focus on the present and take decisions based in feelings like compassion, harmony and love.

Thank you Lili for creating the Spiral Oracle and sharing it with humanity."


Soccer coach/ UK

"This beautiful and inspirational deck is quite unlike any other deck I have come across. The artwork and card meanings are deeply insightful and profound, inspired by the visionary world of the indigenous South American shaman."


Etsy Shop/ Australia

"These Cards are so sacred and beautiful with deep spiritual energy! Thank you for sharing your precious gift, I love them with all my heart."


Etsy Shop/ USA

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