I am Lili ♡

I studied Fine Arts in Chile (my motherland), and also Pedagogy. 

In the last years I have been studying and learning about Traditional Medicine from the Amazon and connecting with their amazing cosmovision. 

I walked a lot and explored deeply this beautiful Earth for 9 years... treasuring experiences, painting murals and doing exhibitions around the globe.

But even when I was on the move, and now that I live in Australia, I always kept the connection with my roots in Latin America through my Art (and in my heart) ❀.

Art, for me, is a way to connect with myself on a deeper level, and a moment to listen to that inner dialogue. At the same time it is a bridge to the other person.

It's a powerful tool to have a dialogue with society, and to connect with what is important. It is my way of delivering love to the world, of remembering that we are children of the Earth and to create a better place to live ♡.

Lili Acuña - CosmicUterus